Blackwater Creek Mitigation Bank Service Area Map

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Central Florida's New Wetland Mitigation Solution

Among the most challenging issues of environmental protection is wetland mitigation. Although costly, time consuming and risk-filled, mitigation is vital to the preservation, enhancement and creation of functioning wetlands and habitat alike.

Today, the Blackwater Creek Mitigation Bank (BCMB) is a viable and effective mitigation solution that is within the Wekiva River Nested Drainage Basin. The 347 acre bank is approved by the St. Johns River Water Management District and the United States Army Corps of Engineers to provide both state and federal:

Freshwater forested wetland credits

Freshwater herbaceous wetland credits

These credits are available for impacts to the Wekiva River Nested Basin and much of the larger Middle St. Johns River Basin. As seen in the interactive service area map embedded on this site. The St. Johns River Water Management District has determined the Wekiva Basin to be of critical concern and designated it as a Nested Basin. The BCMB is located within the Wekiva River Nested Basin and adjacent to environmentally sensitive tracts of land that are contiguous with the Ocala National Forest.

The mitigation area, the site of a former sand mine operation, was excavated below the water table in areas. As a consequence of mining, the hydrology of the site was altered and overburden was deposited on the adjacent wetlands and uplands.

The Wetlandsbank Group (TWG), a nationally recognized team, is responsible for the BCMB’s design and implementation which will fully restore the Blackwater Creek area. As one of the leading mitigation bankers in the country, the TWG team significantly increases the probability of a fast, hassle-free mitigation transfer procedure with less cost and “red tape.” Permit applicants with projects that have wetland impacts have the opportunity to embrace the advantages of purchasing credits from our bank. By transferring their project’s mitigation obligations to BCMB clients benefit by:

Being provided one fixed predetermined fee with no cost overruns.

The prevention of assets being tied up.

Optimizing the full potential of the proposed site.

Reducing permitting time.

Providing regulatory certainty with no hidden surprises.

Streamlining the development process.

Enhancing project value.

Working with a team who understands your concerns.

Contributing to significant environmental restoration.